Jobs & the Economy

Medical imaging is the source of hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs. From the physician reviewing a scan to the technologist performing a procedure, to the factory worker assembling a machine, medical imaging provides high-tech, well-paying jobs that help fuel our economy.


Map of direct employment by state. View the full report here.

In Spring 2013, MITA commissioned a study by the economic consulting firm Charles River Associates (CRA) to quantify the employment contributions of the industry. CRA conducted a survey of MITA’s members, representing 75% of the industry’s sales in the United States and then used the data to estimate both direct and indirect employment contributions of the industry. Adding direct and indirect employment leads to a total contribution of over 320,000 employees. This does not include “downstream” jobs, such as the many thousands of technologists operating the machines on-site in labs and hospitals.

MITA and its members are committed to providing continuing education and ongoing training to the imaging communities, fostering rewarding careers and working to ensure the delivery of excellent health care.