Artificial Intelligence

The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare has been rapid and significant, and AI technology for medical imaging is already delivering value across many care settings today. Imaging manufacturers have a long history of innovation and a deep knowledge of healthcare AI which will contribute to research, design and implementation of cutting-edge technologies to improve public health.

With experience bringing safe and effective innovative medical technologies to patients and their physicians, imaging manufacturers support reasonable regulatory oversight to advance health outcomes. MITA believes that consistent and transparent regulatory structures will promote AI technologies and allow providers to improve care for their patients.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has an important role in fostering AI development for medical imaging in a beneficial way without “choosing winners” by limiting the number of approved processes, databases, or third parties.

Regulatory consistency and transparency will minimize risk, advance Quadruple Aim goals. It will benefit innovators and patients alike while optimizing access, safety, and efficacy.