The Global Affairs Committee works to limit unnecessary regulatory burden, improve international regulatory and Standards harmonization and convergence, and expand global access for MITA members. This effort to implement a single, unified, and least-burdensome approach to medical device regulations and Standards development will lead to a reduction in costs and improve patient access to life-saving medical technology, without compromising patient safety.

The Committee tracks the work of global regulators of medical imaging equipment through the International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF). The IMDRF is a voluntary group of medical device regulators from around the world who have come together to accelerate international medical device regulatory harmonization and convergence.

MITA is also a founding member and leader of DITTA (Global Diagnostics Imaging, Healthcare IT and Radiation Therapy Trade Association), a consortium of imaging groups from around the world that works together to advance the interests of medical imaging and to harmonize global regulations and Standards. The Committee engages IMDRF, through DITTA, recommending various work items and participating in activities that includes broad stakeholder engagement, leading to international medical device regulatory harmonization and convergence.

The Committee also tracks trade agreements, tariffs, and similar global issues that may affect MITA member companies in the medical imaging field.