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  • This paper was developed for the medical imaging industry by the MITA Cybersecurity Taskforce, Medical Imaging Informatics (MII) Section. Show Preview
  • Purpose: To compare the Medicare population cost of colorectal cancer (CRC) screening of average risk individuals by CT colonography (CTC) vs. optical colonoscopy (OC). Methods: The authors usedMedicare claims data, fee schedules, established protocols, and other sources to estimate CTC and OC per-screen costs, including the costs of OC referrals for a subset of CTC patients. They then modeled and compared the Medicare costs of patients who complied with CTC and OC screening recommendations and tested alternative scenarios. Show Preview
  • Pennsylvania is home to 34 medical imaging technology manufacturing facilities. The activities performed at these sites, along with the use of medical imaging equipment and technology at nearly 1,400 hospitals, urgent care facilities and other major medical clinics and offices located throughout the state, provide over 4,800 full-time equivalent jobs in Pennsylvania. In addition, suppliers and other companies directly related to the medical imaging industry generate an estimated additional 6,913 full time equivalent positions. Show Preview
  • Washington, D.C. – The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA), a division of National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), today announced that the medical imaging technology industry supports an estimated 11,746 jobs and generates approximately $2.83 billion in total economic activity in Pennsylvania, with an additional 5,100 direct and indirect jobs elsewhere in the United States, according to a new economic impact analysis commissioned by the organization. Show Preview
  • Q. Can the ACR QC manual replace the vendor recommended QC program?
    A. No, the vendor’s quality control program is carefully crafted with the specific design of the hardware and software in mind and should be followed. Service and manufacturer personnel are trained according to these manufacturer procedures and are best able to assist you using these vendor QC tests. Show Preview
  • X-ray phase-contrast micro-tomography (XPCMT) is an important method for the non-destructive acquisition of internal information from samples composed of low-Z elements. Show Preview
  • We examined Medicare national coverage determinations for medical interventions to determine whether or not they have become more restrictive over time. Show Preview
  • This document is intended to capture the consensus reached between Image Gently (IG) and the MITA FLUOROSCOPY Interventional Working Group (IWG) to develop a position paper on a list of essential questions that should be considered in the design of INTERVENTIONAL X-RAY equipment intended for pediatric use. Show Preview