Benefits of Medical Imaging

Medical imaging technology has revolutionized health care over the past 30 years, allowing doctors to find disease earlier and improve patient outcomes. That’s why the New England Journal of Medicine ranked imaging as one of the top medical developments of the past 1,000 years. From physicians and patients to professional organizations and peer-reviewed journals, those who have evaluated and experienced medical imaging know its immense benefits, both personally and empirically.

  • Your Health

    Whether you are a young child with cancer or a grandmother who just wants to make sure she’s in good health, medical imaging helps you detect and diagnose disease at its earliest, most treatable stages and guides physicians and patients in determining the most appropriate and effective care. Together, imaging and radiation therapy innovations have turned countless patients into survivors.

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  • Health Care Costs & Quality

    Our technologies are fundamental to standards of care. By catching disease early, reducing the need for invasive, in-patient procedures and facilitating shorter recovery times, medical imaging saves money and improves efficiency in the health care system. Medical imaging and radiation therapy help patients avoid or limit more invasive procedures and return to their everyday lives more quickly. It is because of these advanced technologies that the term “exploratory surgery” is all but obsolete.

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  • Technology & Innovation

    Radiation therapy and medical imaging technologies have revolutionized health care delivery in America and around the world. Extending human vision into the very nature of disease, medical imaging enables a new and more powerful generation of diagnosis and intervention. Radiation therapy offers highly personalized and targeted means of killing cancer cells while leaving healthy ones untouched. Melding these advances with the power of digital and information technology fosters greater efficiency, quality and value in health care.

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  • Jobs & the Economy

    Medical imaging and radiation therapy is the source of hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs. From the physician reviewing a scan, to the technician performing a procedure, to the factory worker assembling a machine, medical imaging provides high-tech, well-paying jobs that help fuel our economy.

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