MITA Smart Initiative

Promoting patient safety and enhancing the quality of medical imaging technology with
MITA Smart Standards.

MITASmart 5-16-13

What is “MITA Smart”?

MITA Smart is an initiative to improve patient safety by establishing and promoting safety-related standards for medical imaging equipment. Medical imaging manufacturers created MITA Smart as an integral part of the industry’s ongoing dedication to putting patients first. MITA Smart Dose CT is the first official MITA Smart standard, and industry experts are working to develop additional safety standards.



MITA Smart Dose CT

The MITA Smart Dose standard offers healthcare providers a reference to identify important tools to optimize and manage radiation dose delivery when using computed tomography (CT) equipment. MITA Smart Dose, or XR 29 Standard Attributes on Computed Tomography (CT) Equipment Related to Dose Optimization and Management, bundles four key dose optimization features to ensure that compliant CT equipment produces high-quality diagnostic images while supporting patient safety.

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MITA Smart Dose Interventional 

The MITA Smart Dose Interventional standard offers healthcare providers a reference to identify key features which contribute to enhance patient care and to help manage patient radiation dose delivery while still enabling the system to provide sufficient image quality needed by the physician. MITA Smart Dose Interventional, or XR 31 Standard Attributes on X-ray Equipment for Interventional Procedures  describes eight attributes that should be taken into consideration when performing risk management evaluations on existing stationary x-ray interventional equipment.

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