PJ Media: The Medical Device Tax is Bad Tax Policy


Election season is finally over (well, for a minute), and Congress has just a few more days left in the Lame Duck session before the year ends. But of course, in typical Washington fashion, lawmakers decided to schedule an 11th-hour appropriation fight right before Christmas.

But at least there’s one silver lining to this whole debacle. Lawmakers have one last chance to clear up unfinished business before 2018 comes to a close. And while some may decry the practice of tacking favored provisions on end of session must-pass bills, few can deny this is sometimes necessary to fix the things that Congress should’ve dealt with a long time ago.

One thing that sticks out to me, in particular, is the medical device tax, a nearly decade-old provision of the Affordable Care Act that puts an excise tax on the sale of nearly all medical devices in the country. Though it’s been suspended since the beginning of last year, the tax is set to go into effect again in January 2020.

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