DITTA Holds 1st Global Seminar on International Standards in Medical Device Regulations


Washington, D.C. – On September 15, DITTA, the global voice of the medical imaging and radiation therapy industry, organized a day-long workshop to explore the ways that international standards are used in medical device regulations around the world, and the importance that standards play in regulatory convergence.

Over 120 attendees from around the world came to learn from presentations from the USA, Canada, the EU, Latin America, and Asia. Speakers from industry, government, and the provider community provided their perspectives on how standards affect their work every day. They shared best practices and discussed ways to increase patient safety while making smart use of regulatory resources through careful reliance on consensus-driven and science-based international standards.

MITA Executive Director and Co-Chair of DITTA Gail Rodriguez, Ph.D. characterized the day as “a great platform for discussion of how standards are used in regulations around the world, and how industry, regulators, and patients all benefit from using standards in medical device regulations.”

COCIR Secretary General and Chair of DITTA Nicole Denjoy thanked the speakers and praised the outcomes of the day, saying “DITTA is very pleased with the caliber of speakers and presentations and turnout of attendees. It is clear that many people understand the importance of standards, and through DITTA, the medical imaging and radiation therapy industry is proud to support the application of standards in medical device regulations at a global level.”

DITTA is the global voice for diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy, healthcare IT, electromedical and radiopharmaceutical manufacturers to better communicate, coordinate and collaborate on matters of common interest between participating associations and member companies. DITTA membership is currently comprised of COCIR (Europe), JIRA (Japan), ITAC (Canada), MEDEC (Canada), MITA (United States), THAIMED (Thailand), IMEDA (Russia), CAMDI (China), ABIMED (Brazil) and KMDICA (Korea). DITTA enables participating associations and their member companies to work more effectively with international policymakers, organizations, professional associations and stakeholders.


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