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Whole-body MRI may predict heart attack, stroke in diabetics

Researchers from Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich found that patients with detectable vascular changes on whole-body MRI faced a 20% chance of a major adverse cardiac and cerebrovascular event (MACCE) in three years. The chance increased to 35% for six years.

In addition, no patients in the study with normal whole-body MRI results experienced such an adverse event (Radiology, September 10, 2013).

“Patients without any pathologic findings on whole-body MR experienced no adverse events over the six-year follow-up period,” lead author Dr. Fabian Bamberg, from the university’s department of radiology, wrote in an email to “This is specifically interesting as the population had on average 10 years of diabetes.”

Patients with good whole-body MRI results “may be reassured and encouraged that their therapeutic regimen is optimal,” Bamberg added. “Conversely, the event rate among diabetics with pathologic findings was surprisingly high, indicating that more intensified treatment may be required.”

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