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Study Demonstrates Significant Benefits of F-FDG PET in Evaluating Colorectal Liver Metastases

In a randomized multi-center study of 150 patients with colorectal liver metastases recommended for surgery, Ruers et al evaluated the benefits of F-FDG PET by comparing the utilization of F-FDG PET combined with CT to the utilization of CT alone for staging and developing surgical recommendations, with the primary metric for determining success being the overall percentage of futile laparotomies (abdominal incisions to resect the tumor growth) resulting from each diagnostic strategy.

F-FDG PET proved highly successful when combined with CT, ultimately reducing the percentage of futile laparotomies – defined as either any laparotomy that did not result in complete tumor treatment, revealed benign disease, or did not result in a disease-free survival period longer than 6 months – by a net 17 percent (45 percent for CT alone versus 28 percent for F-FDG PET/CT), or a relative reduction of 38 percent.

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