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  • 99mTc is the most widely used radionuclide in nuclear medicine. Show Preview
  • Ultrasound images are difficult to segment due to presence of speckle noise and the boundaries of abnormal regions are also difficult to recognize due to similarity. Show Preview
  • The application of ACR Lung-RADS increased the positive predictive value in our CT lung screening cohort by a factor of 2.5, to 17.3%, without increasing the number of examinations with false negative results. Show Preview
  • Similar rates of positivity and lung cancer diagnosis in two groups suggest that thousands of additional lives may be saved each year if screening eligibility is expanded to include particular high-risk group. Show Preview
  • Availability, reliability, and technical improvements have led to continued expansion of computed tomography (CT) imaging. Show Preview
  • The medical imaging technology industry is a significant contributor to Washington’s economy. Washington is home to 37 major medical imaging technology companies.1 The activities performed at these sites, along with the use of medical imaging equipment and technology at over 730 hospitals, urgent care facilities and other major medical clinics and offices located throughout the state, provide over 4,520 full-time equivalent jobs. Show Preview
  • If magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is to compete with computed tomography for evaluation of patients with acute ischemic stroke, there is a need for further improvements in acquisition speed. Show Preview
  • LDCT screening is a low-cost and cost-effective strategy that fits well within the standard Medicare benefit, including its claims payment and quality monitoring. Show Preview