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    Imagine that you sustain an injury, sending you to the hospital. The doctor orders an MRI. But the critical material that allows the MRI to operate — liquid helium — is not available. So you don’t receive your MRI and a proper diagnosis cannot be made. If Congress does not act on bipartisan legislation by Sept. 30, such a scenario is a very real possibility in the near future.

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    The Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance (MITA) is highlighting two studies that found that consumers place considerable value on information from diagnostic imaging.

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    PET brain images of patients with major depression may indicate who will respond best to either antidepressant treatment or psychotherapy, according a study published in JAMA Psychiatry. Click here to read the full article

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    Today, GE Healthcare is part of the push that is shifting this curve upward with a $2 billion investment over 5 years.

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    America’s medical device manufacturers have from the very start maintained that the $30 billion excise tax on advanced medical technology is simply bad policy and would harm innovation, job creation and U.S. global leadership in this important manufacturing sector.

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    The Access to Medical Imaging Coalition (AMIC) also praised the report, noting the organization championed the provisions for accreditation in MIPPA of 2008. “The value of education and certification standards, accreditation, and clinical decision support will encourage the proper use of MR, CT, PET and nuclear cardiology services while maintaining patients’ access to life-saving diagnostic and screening services,” AMIC executive director Tim Trysla said in a statement.

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    The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) and the Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) hailed the new information last week. “It is imperative that policymakers take seriously these data and implement nationwide standards to promote early detection and treatment of lung cancer,” Gail Rodriguez, executive director of MITA, said in a press release.

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    Hospitals are still racing to offer expensive new technology — even when it hasn’t been proved to work better than cheaper approaches. Case in point: proton beam therapy, a high-tech radiation treatment for cancer.

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    The findings suggest PiB-PET imaging for amyloid deposits could be used to screen for cognitive impairment, Christopher C. Rowe, MD, of the University of Melbourne in Australia, and AIBL researchers reported in JAMA Neurology.

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    Up, Up and Away

    You may think of helium as important only to birthday-party balloons and Frankie Valli impressions, but the gas has an extraordinary number of biomedical, industrial and national security uses, playing critical roles in the production or operation of M.R.I. machines, fiber-optic cables, flat-screen TVs, semiconductors, space launches, welding, military surveillance, air-to-air missile guidance and much else.


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