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    Up, Up and Away

    You may think of helium as important only to birthday-party balloons and Frankie Valli impressions, but the gas has an extraordinary number of biomedical, industrial and national security uses, playing critical roles in the production or operation of M.R.I. machines, fiber-optic cables, flat-screen TVs, semiconductors, space launches, welding, military surveillance, air-to-air missile guidance and much else.

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    Research shows that relying on prior authorization programs, such as the use of for-profit radiology benefits managers (RBMs), for advanced imaging increases costs and red tape and burdens physicians, the Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance (MITA) said in a statement.

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    Physicians weighing the benefits and risks of CT scans for detecting lung cancer now have more information to help with the decision. A new analysis of a 2010 U.S. study finds that low-dose CT scans pick up significantly more lung tumors than chest X-rays do.

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    When used appropriately, medical imaging helps save lives and reduces long-term health care costs. Intermountain Healthcare’s efforts to help physicians and their patients make informed decisions about medical imaging are a commendable example of the important patient-centered work undertaken by imaging professionals today.

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    Scientists developed a new, lower dose X-ray method that works completely different than classical X-ray radiographs that provide information about absorptive structures such as bones. Conversely, the new method is based on diffraction and can image soft tissues in 3D and high resolution.

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    The China Food & Drug Administration (CFDA) has announced steps in recent weeks to improve its medical device classification process and ease the path to market for innovative devices.

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    Government leaders are asking us to out-innovate, out-export and out-work our competitors in order for the United States to turn this economy around. But what if our own government was instituting policies that proved to be some of the biggest obstacles in achieving those goals?

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    Beginning with CT scans that show slices of organs at different depths, Fung stacked the slices into a single image and developed a way to indicate changes in depth with contour lines similar to those on a topographic map.

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    The Senate is considering legislation to prevent a global helium shortage from worsening in October… That was a relief to industries that can’t get along without helium. The gas is used in MRI machines, semiconductors, aerospace equipment, lasers and of course balloons.

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    Foes of the 2.3% tax on medical device revenue have been making their case to lawmakers for years, and now they’re looping in the workers who could be affected by the charge, hosting sessions to educate employees on what they can do to support the repeal effort.


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