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Essential Questions for Consideration in the Design of INTERVENTIONAL X-RAY EQUIPMENT Intended for Pediatric Use

This document is intended to capture the consensus reached between Image Gently (IG) and the MITA FLUOROSCOPY Interventional Working Group (IWG) to develop a position paper on a list of essential questions that should be considered in the design of INTERVENTIONAL X-RAY equipment intended for pediatric use.

This list of essential questions seeks to increase awareness of design considerations for manufacturers with a goal of improving pediatric imaging. This list is not intended to be used or interpreted as being a standard document and does not represent a list of requirements or components and hence is not appropriate for use as a checklist or other similar manner. Further, the rationales in this document represent examples of possible approaches and are not prescriptive or definitive answers. Manufacturers may have different conclusions and/or provide alternative solutions. All questions may not be applicable in all instances. It is anticipated that no manufacturer will answer affirmatively for all questions.

This work fits in the collaborative iterative process initiated in November 2012 between IG and the IWG to drive the management of radiation dose and image quality on interventional x-ray equipment used on pediatric patients. These essential questions and rationales were initiated by experienced pediatric end users and reviewed by manufacturer representatives.


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